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  • Tiger Mountain Sampson





    Talk about a versatile hunting breed! Here's a picture of 1 year old Sampson in Tulsa, OK.  I am very glad I sent him to the "Head Start Puppy Program"! 


    Timothy Wallace, Tulsa





  • Tiger Mountain Champ

    Hello, I don't know if you will remember me but I purchased a pup (Champ) from you 11yrs. ago and had him flown to my home in Arkansas. He is the best purchase I've ever made. I just felt compelled to tell you that Champ has been one of the finest all around duck dogs ever, bar none. The best I can tell from my records he went over 2500 life time retrieves this year. Some of his retrieves have simply been incredible. Some of the most memorable have been the retrieves where he swam under water to catch a diving cripple, sometimes staying down for over 10 seconds and never once did he surface without the duck. His nose has been and still is second to none. If I had to pick his strongest feature it would be his personality. He is the calmest most gentle souled animal I've ever seen. He has lost most of his hearing and I'm sad to say he suffered a stroke while in the duck blind with me this year. It was very scary for him and I, but I'm glad to say he has pretty much fully recovered. I've semi-retired him and only allow him to do easy retrieves as he feels like it and avoid putting him in super cold water, even though in his day he's broken plenty of ice. I believe he has fully earned the right to take it easy and then some. He will still be with me in the duck blind's and be a boat rider for as long as he's able. My only regret is I never bread him to get a pup since I never found a female I felt was worthy or the owner of the female's wanted a bunch of degrees from trials. Champ and I have never been into hunt trials. It's their loss because every time he has hunted with other labs with all the certifications, he has made them look like fools. So much so that 6 yrs. ago a wealthy attorney from Memphis offered to buy him from me for $8,000 after Champ made all the labs at his club just look silly. And they thought they had the best dogs around until they saw Champ in action on what they thought were several almost impossible retrieves that he made look easy after their dogs had given up. Sorry I could go on and on about the merits of Champ. In short the reason I'm writing you is to say Thank You for selling Champ to me. I love him very much as do the other 2 members of my club. He is a great friend and companion to me and is everything you told me he would be and much much more. Best Regards, Tory Sjogren

  • Tiger Mt Kaluha (Lou)


         We were able to get Ms. Lou (Kaluha), from your kennel in June of 2002.


         For the last 6 years she has been an incredible part of our family.  She is great with our two young kids and has been a great, loyal companion to me. However, after this past weekend I couldn't help but tell somebody about the most amazing display of tenacity and resilience I have every seen from her.  She is a great duck dog, excellent blind manners and a great knack for getting wounded ducks in the tulles.  But two days ago she earned her big river badge.


        We were hunting across from Richland WA, on the Columbia River.  We wounded a duck that quickly swam out into the river. Right behind the mallard was Lou, she followed the duck across the Columbia until she was out of site. My heart sank and after about 1 hour I was resigned to fact that she had drowned.  I had 3 different buddies looking up and down the river for nearly 2 hours. I ambled back to my truck to warm up and head down the bank to look on the Pasco side of the river, when just then a jeep drove up.  In the jeep were two hunters and Lou. They jumped out and said they picked her up about a mile down river.  They told me that when they were picking up decoys they looked out across the river to see a drake mallard swimming towards them sideways.

    After 10 minutes or so the duck was eclipsed by a blonde lab. She came out of the water and ran right to them and when she figured it wasn't me so she took off up river. Of course, they caught her and brought her back (with the duck).

        She has always been a strong swimmer, but I had no idea she could swim in the Columbia for nearly 2 hours and make it out alive.  As you can imagine I felt the Christmas came early for me, and she will never hunt the Columbia again without a leash.  The next day we went right back out and shot limits of greenheads in a snow storm.  Nothing can slow this dog down.  I could go on and on with her stories over the past 6 years, but this story needed to be told.  Tiger Mt. Kennels truly produces incredible hunting dogs genetically driven to go from family dog, to world class swimmers in one day.


    Thank you

    Todd Newsome


  • Tiger Mountain's Seattle

    Hi John,
    Just a short note...
    I am teaching private lessons to Dave and Anna Oszlowka and their Pointing Labrador, "Seattle" (who came from your breeding). We're working on basic obedience commands, with an emphasis on handler consistency, while recognizing Seattle's natural abilities. As a breeder myself (Airedal
    e Terriers) it's always nice to have feedback from people who have seen my dogs, so I'm writing to tell you just how impressed I am with "Seattle". He's a beautifully put together dog with an excellent temperament, great working potential and a real willingness to please. Oszlowka's have expressed to me many times how happy they are with Seattle. You should be commended on your breeding program....for producing Labradors that point, retrieve game AND possess the temperament to make them superior companion dogs with good looks to boot!

    I understand Seattle will be returning to to you this Spring for field training and will look forward to hearing updates from Oszlowka's."

    Shelley DeMerchant
    Head Trainer - Del-Mar Dog Training Academy, Oakland, Ontario
    Appyaire (Reg'd.) Kennels
    Scotland, Ontario Canada

  • CP Tiger Mtn Magnum Maggie May JH

    Good morning John,


    Just a quick note to thank you for producing one of the finest hunting dogs and best friend both Tami and I have ever had. During our recent trip to South Dakota Maggie May was awesome people that we hunted around were in awe of her abilities and stamina. Many times when other dogs had been thru area's we would bring Maggie back into the cover and she would get birdie and not want to leave in every attempt she came up with a bird (she knew they were in there).


    Again John thank you for one fine animal and Ryan and John for the great upland training and care you have given her. The only thing that you need to add to your program is teach them how to shoot!!!!!!!!  They do everything else.  Tami is putting together some pictures that I will forward to you. Tell everyone at TIGER MOUNTAIN HELLO,


    Steven J Grobschmit

  • Tiger Mountain Parker

    I just took Parker to a pheasant hunting preserve in eastern Oregon yesterday along with my son for his first pheasant hunt. My son turned out to be a crack shot and Parker turned out to be a Pointer!!

    I know you certified that Parker would point but I have 2 friends that also bought "pointing labs" from "other" kennels and they never saw this capability in their dogs. With this in mind, I wondered what Parker would do with pheasants but my expectations weren't all that high that he would point. This wasn't a huge deal for me as he is a wonderful dog and I figured if he flushed birds like every other lab, I would be ok. We


    point. I about passed out with excitement and disbelief at what had just taken place! Parker held this point and allowed me to walk in front of him where I kicked up a nice rooster and my son quickly dispatched it with a single shot. It was my son's first pheasant and my dogs first point. I couldn't think of a prouder moment for a dad!

    We continued our days hunt and by 3pm we had 6 of the 7 birds. Parker pointed each of them and held the point while we were able to flush them and take the shot. It was perhaps my favorite day of hunting ever! I now have a son that wants to go again and a dog that appears to have the raw material to turn into a top upland bird dog.

    Just wanted you to know this and to say thanks again for all the dividends Parker is bringing to our lives. "

    Regards, Dave

  • Tiger Mountain Ranging Radar

    "I just wanted to tell you that Radar has long since become an irreplaceable component of our family. His weight is good, his endurance is staggering and his temperament is quite frankly unbelievable. This friend does not bark, does not whine or whimper and his sole purpose in life seems to be to please his master. He is with out a doubt the fastest, most agile Labrador that I have ever seen. In the last year I personally witnesses a 180 yard Chukar retrieve and (hold on) a three hundred yard mallard drake retrieve. I work with him twice a day on retrieves with a ball, dealing with both blind and seen throws. He goes after the balls with the same zest and desire that he has with live birds. I am so totally pleased and impressed with your breed and training that I have recommended and bragged about your operation to everyone that will listen. I can’t thank you enough for my little, black friend that I have grown so accustomed to. If and when I need to get another pup, I will certainly only call you.



  • Hi John,

    Just wanted to let you know that Otter, the pointing lab we got from you about 8 years ago is still doing great!

    Just got back from a pheasant hunting trip to North Dakota and he did great.  He had lots of great points and retrieves!  He’s still a great family dog the rest of the year but can also still hunt when called upon.  Hope all is well.  If I get some pictures I’ll email to you.


    Mike Swanson



  • Tiger Mountains Mulligan

    Hi John:

    Its been a long time since I have communicated with you and I thought I should let you know how Casey is.

    Casey has developed into a fine pointer and retriever. He came with all the skills and ability necessary and has been a wonderful animal to work with.

    He has developed into a staunch pointer steady to wing and shot . His retrieving ability is amazing .He works well to hand sinals , has amazing marking ability , does doubles, triples and will do double blinds out to 200 yards without a hitch.  He of course has a nose that just blows me away at times.

    He has given me a lot of pleasure in the field .  I have had labs in the past (retrievers) and he is far superior to them.

    Its hard for me to believe that one dog can be such an exceptional animal when performing as a pointer and a retriever. Casey works at a good pace when hunting and runs just as hard coming in with the bird as he does going out !

    You are to be commended for the dogs you provide and the work youve done in your field.

    Casey and I are going Pheasant hunting in Kansas during December. I am really looking forward to the hunt with him,itsgoing to be great.


    Bob Burwell



  • Julie Knutson - Gun Club Labs

    ...........Mallard and Reigny, both Tiger Mountain dogs are amazing in the upland field.  Don't tell Greer, but they know how to training pointing dogs, don't they?  Reigny doesn't need a handler with her even...

    Mallard's one of the best yellow's going, Rob's a lucky man, or Mallard.. or somebody in that deal.  My hat's off to their trainers over the past couple of years........

    Posted By Julie Knutson on Pointing Lab Forum


    Submitted by: Alan Nulliner on Nov 10, 2009

    I purchased a male lab from Tiger Mountain Kennels and will purchase my next pointing lab from them as well. The dog Gus is everything they had advertised. I have had labs for 40 years and this dog rates in the top two on his desire to hunt and follow commands. Tiger Mtn Kennels were very easy to deal with and kept their word.

    Alan Nulliner

    Submitted by: Bill Kahle on Nov 09, 2009

    Our Tiger Mountain lab, Sammy, arrived 3 years ago. She has not only become a trusted and loved member of our family, but for 3 months a year I get to be the owner of the best hunting dog, bar none, in my hunting group. She points staunchly, hunts tirelessly, and when a bird goes down where other dogs refuse to go, the words "get Sammy over here" make me proud. She is by far the most athletic dog I have ever seen and I give all of the credit to John Greer at Tiger Mountain for that. I will own many more Tiger Mountain labs.

    Submitted by: Bruce Hallingstad on Nov 06, 2009

    We bought our first pointing lab (Archie) from John Greer (Tiger MT Kennels) 2 1/2 years ago. He has turned out to be one of the best dogs we have ever had! We are an Outfitter out of Alaska. The terain is as tough going as any place in the country. The dog always amazes me for how tough and smart he is.He points patrmigan very well.Our clients shot well over 300 birds over him this past season. He gets better with every days hunt. We just bought another pup from John. We looking forward to many more hunts with our Tiager Mountain dogs!! Bruce

    Submitted by: John Perenic on Nov 06, 2009

    I will never get another dog unless it is from John Greer at Tiger Mountain Pointing Labradors. My dog Gunner is a 7 month old black male and has done better at duck, pheasant and quail, then several other dogs from other breeders that we have been with this year. These other dogs were significantly older and put through more training, but Tiger Mountain dogs hunt more natural than any other dogs that I have seen. The training from John and his people is also worth every penny! Though not collar trained yet, he has hunted in South Dakota for ring necks with a group of six and four other dogs. His pattern was phenomenal and never went further that 25-30 yds. and a collar was never needed. Best dogs!!! Great training!!! Fantastic People!!!

    Submitted by: BRANDON JONES on Nov 06, 2009


    Submitted by: David Wilson on Nov 06, 2009

    Our Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab puppy participated in the Puppy Head Start Program, where she was exposed to a whole lot of birds, working released birds in hunting conditions.

    Later, she then went through the Force Fetch and Upland Training programs.

    The day we brought Gypsy home from her training with Tiger Mountain she was not quite one year old. The very next morning I got Gypsy out hunting wild birds and she pointed and retrieved a limit of rooster pheasants that first day.

    The next day she did it again. Another full limit of pheasants on her second day of hunting.

    In the last week Gypsy and I have hunted five days and she has pointed and retrieved 13 rooster pheasants.

    The credit for Gypsy's success goes to the training she recieved with Tiger Mountain. She demonstrates a strong natural point and an intense desire to hunt. She is energetic and eager to retrieve.

    Gypsy is a wonderful family companion and a pleasure to hunt with.

    Submitted by: David Bero on Nov 05, 2009

    The puppy we recieved from Tiger Mountain Pointing
    Labs has been everything we have been looking for and more. We had her(Coco) out for trainging this summer for 3 months and she is such a pleasure to work with out in the field with whistle comands. The dog ranges well has a very good nose, points and does not give up on a down bird.
    All of this from a dog that just turned one year old says a lot about the breader. I was not able to send the dog back to Tiger Mountian for training but the trainer who worked with her this summer felt she was one of the best dogs he has ever worked with and whishes this was his dog.

    Submitted by: Chuck Capps on Nov 05, 2009

    I purchased a Tiger Mt. Pointing lab from John & Choral when I was in college. My dad has been a gun captain for over 30 years for field trials in the North West area. I have had the privilege and opportunity to hunt with some of the finest dogs around. After hearing about Tiger Mt., I had to see this operation for myself. (And he was in my home town in college) I called John and asked him if I could come out to the farm and look at some of his dogs and see them in action. We instantly hit it off on the phone and invited me over to come over the next day. After seeing his dogs work I new I had to have one! He put me on the list and before I new it he called and said I have a pup for you. I put Harlie ( My black lab) through puppy school and his advanced training. I have never hunted with a finer dog! After my dad saw her work, he had to have one too. We have became great friends with John and Choral. They are an absolute 10! If you are thinking about getting a top hunting dog I would only recommend Tiger Mt. I will be contacting John and Choral soon for another pup. Since my purchase we have sent everyone that we hunt with to John and Choral. Thank you guys so much! I feel blessed to have met them!


    Chuck Capps
    Bremerton, WA
    Proud owner of a Tiger Mt. Pointing Lab!

    Submitted by: Erick Wallace on Nov 05, 2009

    I bought my puppy from Tiger Mountain then had John and his crew put Cinder through his puppy basic training and Force Fetch. From start to finish I have been nothing but pleased with the results of the dog and the training. John take the time to explain the program and what you should be doing with your dog at home to further its development. To date my 10 month old Tiger Mountain puppy has pointed and retrieved 16 birds since October 8th.

    Tiger Mountain is a first class operation. My next dog will be from Tiger Mountain.

    Tiger Mountain is a first class operation all the way through.

    Submitted by: Bonnie Lopez on Nov 05, 2009

    Amazing dog! wonderful temperament! It has been super easy to train! Not to mention that he is breath taking beautiful. He is everything a lab should be and is.

    Submitted by: David DaCorte on Nov 05, 2009

    I cannot imagine having a more energetic, easy to train dog, as the male I got from Tiger Mountain. Hawk is my 5th lab I am 60 and just had to euthenise my 15 year old, who hunted up until this year. I have always bought from a Breeder, and Tiger Mountain has suprised me with the Energy level of the male I got from them. No stopping this guy. I hunt the Columbia River and there have been times that I had to call him back after 300 yards, get the boat and find the bird again. As we walked out of the flooded fields last year he made a B line east to a spot that just looked like water, out his head under and pulled out a teal.....I had now idea there was a bird there it was over 75 yards from our line of travel. Cant say enough about Tiger Mountain Dogs.

    Submitted by: Larry D'Agostino on Nov 05, 2009

    I got my first pup, Dixie, from John 11 years ago. I couldn't ask for a better dog. John sent me a pup in May and at 7 months she looks like she'll develop into at least Dixie's equal. (It speaks volumes that when I needed another pup, I returned to John and TM.)

    John's dogs are great in the house and with my kids. They are family. Every year in the field Dixie amazes people who have never seen a pointing lab. It never hurts to get compliments on your bird dog and Dixie still gets them at 11 years old.

    We hunt pheasant, sharptail, Huns, quail, and blue grouse. John's dogs do it all and do it with style!

    Submitted by: tim taylor on Sep 09, 2009

    Wonderful dog with a lot of drive, an unbelievable nose and a great companion for the whole family. John had her for only a month (at 8 months of age) and she was ready to hunt.

    Submitted by: K.C. Smith on Dec 05, 2008

    I have three Training Mountain Pointing Labs and have been working with them since 2001. Before making my first purchase I looked at other breeders and I visited the Tiger Mount. Facility. My search was over. I was impressed from that first day, and have continued to be impressed through the years. Their dogs and training programs are the total package. These are some of the most versatile gundogs I have ever owned.

    Submitted by: Willie Hunter on Dec 05, 2008

    We purchased our boy Carter from Tiger Mountain in the fall of 2003. Carter has been a true joy to hunt over; he points his birds and is a great retriever.

    We hunt the rough country of Nevada for chukar 40 to 50 days a year. If you’re looking for a great PL and a wonderful companion Tiger Mountain is the place to go.

    Submitted by: Mike Callan on Dec 04, 2008

    I have had my Tiger Mountain Pointing Lab for 6 years now and couldn't be happier. Before I decided where to by my lab, I visited the TMPL facilities and was thoroughly impressed. Since none of us get out hunting as much as we would like, it was important to me to have a dog with great instincts as well as a great demeanor. My black female Sage has literally traveled the country with me from Alaska to Maryland and everywhere in between. Bottom line is that I have yet to see a more versatile, well mannered hunting dog and couldn't be happier that I have her by my side.

    Submitted by: Chet Marden on Dec 17, 2007

    We bought our TMPL female 2 and a half years ago.
    She is a superior hunter and house pet. She flew
    back to WA from Maine to be puppy trained and has hunted for pheasant and quail in Maine and NH and is great. This year she flew back to WA and was bred with a sensational male at TM and now is the proud mother of 11 beautiful pups, four of which are going back to WA. Tiger Mountain produces the greatest dogs around.

    Submitted by: Tami Grobschmit on Dec 03, 2007

    We are proud owners of 2 TMPL, they spent October in S.D. hunting roosters and they were incredible, we have a 2 1/2 year old and 8 month old.If you are looking for the ultimate hunting dog and family pet TMPL will not dissapoint.

    Submitted by: Lisa Adams on Feb 26, 2007

    We have a pup that is almost 7 months old now that we purchased from TMPL. She was pointing birds when we brought her home at 7 weeks and has only gotten better. She is excellent at retrieving and has most commands down almost perfectly. We are currently working on force fetching her. This has been one of the smartest and most cooperative labs we have ever owned. I would highly recommend Tiger Mtn. Pointing Labs to anyone who is serious about hunting.


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